What is Rolex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.? Top
"Rolex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd." is a Mumbai based company, manufacturing door closers since1988. We have the latest machines & have developed special purpose machines to manufacture the best in door closing devices. All the products are made in - house & nothing is out sourced. Our products comply with European Standards. We believe that quality is never the result of chance, but a sustained effort & determination. It is our motto to give the best at the least. We know that you put your reputation on the line when you endorse a specific brand of door closer. Consequently we ensure that when you choose Rlx, you get the best. All our closers are built to provide years of trouble free operation. The product range we have is suitable for every need & it ranges from the aesthetic for interiors to heavy duty for elevator doors, service doors, fire doors and hotel entrance doors. Our products are not only best in appearances but also the best in efficiency.
What is a Hold Open or Hold Open Arm? Top
Hold Open is the ability of the door closer to hold the door in the open position. Most over head door closers achieve this function via a special type arm (Hold Open Arm). Warning Note: Most local building codes do not allow the installation of any type of door hardware that holds "Fire Doors" in the open position.
Hold Open - I want to be able to hold my door open at 90 degrees, how can I do this? Top
There is a device which can be used in conjunction with a door closer called a 'stand open arm'. When this arm is fitted with the door closer, your door will remain open at a preset angle until it is closed manually. Alternatively there are some door closers which have such a device incorporated into the mechanism. Be aware of fire regulations when fitting these devices as they may not be allowed by Fire Officers on specific doors within a building for obvious reasons!
Why do door closer prices vary so much? Top
Prices will vary between manufacturers and of course you have to take into consideration any special features that you require such as 'back check' or 'delayed action' (described above). The finish of the closer body may also add to the price you pay. Most units are commonly available in a standard silver finish, but if you are matching up to other door hardware you may wish to consider brass, chrome, stainless steel, satin chrome or any one of the many colours available. The best value is achieved by purchasing the closer that suits your needs!
I don't want the door closer to be seen, is there any way of doing this? Top
Yes there are door closers available that can be concealed into the top of the door. Although this is a great way of 'hiding' the closer, a large part of the door must be cut away to house the body and this will reduce the fire integrity of the door. It is always a good idea to check with the fire prevention officer that this type of door control is suitable. There is also a type of closer that will fit in the side of the door with the mechanism contained inside the door. This type is known as the Perkoâ„¢ door closer and there is a hydraulic version known as the Perkomaticâ„¢ which offers better control of the closing speed and latch action (the force required to overcome the door latch).
What is back check? Top
Backcheck slows the door in the opening swing to help keep it from hitting an adjacent wall or having wind throw it out of your control. Backcheck resistance should only be felt near the fully open position. Notes: Backcheck is not a door stop. Most of our Grade 1 door closers offer fully adjustable Backcheck.
Back Check - The wind catches my door and throws it open, how can I prevent this? Top
Door closers can be supplied with an optional 'back check' action included. This back check action provides resistance within the door closer to prevent the door leaf from being thrown open . This prevents damage to the door, door frame and door handles caused by people kicking or throwing the door open and also by the door being violently blown open by the wind. The angle and resistance of the back check can be varied according to your requirements. When using a door closer with a back check facility it is worth remembering that this facility puts extra strain on the door hinges - remember to allow for this when choosing your hinges!
What is sweep speed control? Top
Sweep speed (door closing speed) is the time frame form the start of the door closing to a couple inches before the door hits it latch point. The last few inches of closing are controlled via the latch speed valve if one is included.
What is latch speed? Top
The Latch Zone is the last few inches before the door hits it latch point. This closing zone is controlled via the latch speed valve. Note: A properly adjusted door closer latch speed should never slam the door closed causing stress on the door and frame.